“If we don’t meet again in this life, live your life so we may meet again in Heaven.”

A good friend I had made over our time in Zambia said that to me as we said our goodbyes when we were heading back after our semester there, almost 5 years ago now. I still remember that moment and I think I always will. It has made me a better person. Not that I was stuck in any kind of sin that I needed to break out of, or felt like I needed to change something right away to ensure I would see him again someday in Heaven, but it is just such a wonderful thing to say when you are parting ways, unsure if you will see them again in this life.

Also, to only know someone for such a short amount of time and to care *that* much for their soul. Incredible.

So far, I have had to say good bye to 2 very special people. One was Lencho, a guy who is an employee for Ecofiltro and GC Works worked with directly through the deliveries to the communities. He absolutely adored Abigail and she him. This man has such a contagious energy and enthusiasm about him that you can’t help but be inspired when you’re with him.

The other was Anna Bella, the woman who has been cooking and cleaning for the Siklosis for almost the whole time they have lived here. She is a very special lately. She is so gentle and kind…She just brings peace when you’re with her. Watching her interact with Abigail was really special too, because neither one spoke even a single word of the other’s language, but you could tell they just loved each other so much.

We have 3 more days left here in Monjas. On Monday we’ll go ahead and drive to the capital and spend the day and night there so we don’t have to worry about getting caught in traffic on the way to the airport on Tuesday morning.

 It’s so hard to believe! Before I know it, I will be waking up in America…And that is a little bit of a strange thought right now.

It’s all coming to a very quick close…

Thanks for the memories, Guatemala.



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