The Beginning of the End

1025291_10151655769229712_2134081884_oYeah, the title sounds a little depressing.

It only refers to the fact that the date our plane leaves Guatemala City is soon approaching. It has nothing to do with the end of our experiences here because I know once we get back to the States and reflect, that over time we will just be finding out more and more of what we were taught when we were here.

Last night we started the last week of the internship in the best way. We all sat down together for some worship, reflection, and healing. By the end of the evening we laid our hands on two people in the house who said they needed some healing. I will never forget Gabor saying “When someone needs healing of any kind, my hands start to tingle.” The man has a gift from the Lord that he is tune with and I am thankful for seeing it played out. We all gathered around the person asking for healing and laid our hands on them. Gabor started praying and then the rest of chimed in with whatever the Spirit was moving us to do or say. It was an incredible experience. An incredible moment. To feel the Lord working through His people to bring healing. Wow. I just can’t say enough. There is so much power there. I’m reminded of Matthew 18: 20 “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” We were gathered, and He was there.

I think it really set a positive tone for our final week together. Living with 14, and for one week, 19 people is not an easy task. It was easier some days than others, but I think there is no better way to start the end of our time here by a rejuvenation of mind, body, and spirit from the Lord.

I am going to miss the people in this house a lot. We’ve become a little family over the last 5 weeks, and it will be hard to see us all go our separate ways. I think we’ll all look back fondly on our time here together. I know we will.

One response to “The Beginning of the End

  1. Amy

    Take pictures of *everything* you love. You’ll forget what it looks like and you’ll miss it. So even the kitchen table and your bed. Do it.

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