Now is the Time

As we sat in the living room with our fellow interns and the Siklosis talking about house rules, safety rules, and general orientation for the internships, my heart was flooded. Flooded with an assurance that can only come from the Lord…And He was saying “You are meant to be here. I brought you to Guatemala so my Name will be glorified.” It was a beautiful moment. I sat listening  to Gabor speak so passionately about the work God has been and will be doing through GCW and the work He will be using us for this summer while simultaneously glancing over at my beautiful person of a husband sitting next me. Something Gabor said that really struck my heart was that the work we’re doing is not “just” development…it’s not “just” worldly work. Whatever we are doing is the work of the Lord. It is such a beautiful thought. There are huge industries and companies doing developmental work for countries worldwide, but what we are doing is an entirely different work. It’s a work that will bring the nations peace through the presence of God that they will feel through us working for the Lord with all of our hearts, and not for men. (AVB reference,anyone?) 

I know Tim really felt the Lord speak to him during that time, too…and I can’t help but realize the weight it carries that we both had such a strong connection with the Lord separately and together. I feel like He is preparing us to do this type of work after Tim is finished with school and I just can’t wait to continue to listen to the Lord and follow wherever He leads.

Here’s an excerpt from that AVB song that I think applies here:

You work at your job, you work hard at school
But the things of this life fade away

But if you work for the Lord it is never in vain
And he will guide your feet everyday.

So with His word in your heart and His love in your soul
You can press on to the goal.

Here is my encouragement to you readers out there for today, this week, and really for your life. This is something else Gabor said in his orientation talk with us and it is what I am trying to do daily. (Clearly, a bonk on the head from the Lord) — Speak hope. Speak love. Speak life. 

2 responses to “Now is the Time

  1. Love reading your blog, keep writing and opening your eyes! Excited about this trip for the three of you! With love.

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