A Rainbow Reality


It’s really happening. I know it in my heart. I really am going to give birth to a healthy baby girl. She will come into this world, she will cry, and we will connect. It’s really happening — And soon.

The 9th month of pregnancy is an emotional roller coaster. Hormones are high, feelings of impending transitions are high, and it is a beautiful time. I can pretty much pinpoint how my next day will be based on either A. How much sleep I got the night before, B. If I had a weepy day today or not, or C. Both of those things. – For the last 2 weeks, it has been every other day. One day I wake up and I’m weepy all day – about all things. I cry over my oldest becoming a true big sister, seeing a dear friend, hearing my Mom’s voice on the phone, what to cook for dinner, my sweet stillborn son, or the most reoccurring – feeling like I will be pregnant forever. If I have a day like that, chances are the next day, I am content in my pregnancy, proactively spending positive time with our first, and peacefully make it through the day. Today was actually half happy/half weepy.

As I sit here tonight, I feel the reality. I feel the contentment. Even though it may not feel like it to my 39 week, 3 day pregnant self, my third really is going to make her appearance soon…and what an appearance it will be! Our rainbow of hope will no longer be a kick or jab felt, but a baby to hold and cuddle. She is coming. My body is telling me it’s working, baby girl is head down just waiting for her time, and I am learning to enjoy these last few days before the transition into life with a newborn.

It’s really happening. I know it in my heart. I really am going to give birth to a healthy baby girl.

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