The Next Three Days

The title of this post came to me just now as I was talking to Tim about starting to pack up our suitcases. I said “I think I’ll go ahead and pack my suitcase and Abigail’s suitcase and just put our clothes for the next three days on top.” And there you have it. A blog is born.

The next three days are going to fly by for us. We have the rest of today and all day tomorrow in Monjas, a day in the City on Monday, and then Tuesday morning at the airport and then it’s Goodbye, Guatemala and Hello, America. The rest of today we’ll be hanging around the house and gathering up odds and ends to start packing. Tomorrow will be similar, but our morning will be spent at church (pending transportation…). Sunday night is our last night sleeping in this house. On Monday we’re going to go ahead and get to the City by late morning, probably go to the zoo, get some lunch, and hopefully find some pitaya (awesome pink fruit) at a mercado (market) somewhere because I have been craving it since we first had it a couple of weeks ago and haven’t been able to find it since. We’ll just spend a day in and around the City so we don’t have to fight traffic on Tuesday morning getting to the airport.

On Tuesday, we have to be at the airport around 10 and then our flight to Atlanta leaves around 12:30. We have a four hour layover in the Atlanta airport and then hop on a quick flight to Little Rock and will get in around 10:30 that night.

I guess this is actually happening!

I’m looking forward to seeing familiar faces, hugging necks I’ve been missing, and getting Abigail back into a routine of some kind. I’m sure it will look a bit different now, and I am eager to find out what our daily lives will be like once we’re back and adjusted.

But for now, I’ll soak up the challenge to speak and understand a language I’m not near fluent in and try to eat a ton of local cuisine before we go.

Blessings on our last few days and on our travels back to the States.



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