At the risk of sounding too American I need to say…I DRANK A DR. PEPPER TODAY!!!! And by the time I go to bed, it will be two. 

One of the hardest things about living overseas is obviously the adjustments and stresses it brings on a person, not to mention a marriage and a family. I may write on that a different day.

Tonight I will write about the things we are used to having in our houses to eat and drink or the things we can get from a quick drive to Sonic or Wal Mart in the States, that you either cannot get here, or the closest place to get it is at least 2 hours away. 

You crave so many of your favorite foods and drinks…Some of them you can recreate or find in a tienda (store) in town that will satisfy the craving…Some of them you just plain have to dream about until you can get back to the States. 

I have been needing to taste a Dr. Pepper for about a week now. Yeah, I said needing. I know it’s just a want, but things are so amplified in so many ways, that it has felt like a need. Anyway, here I am thinking that I won’t get to taste one until we go to Antigua next weekend, and I come in from a walk into town and Gabor and Candy have brought home cans of Dr. Pepper from the capitol!! This girl is one happy camper. It was even better that it was a surprise. 🙂 

I don’t complain about the things we can’t have here, I just secretly wish I could have certain things like Dr. Pepper, but I do realize that I am a little spoiled in saying that. Ok, a lot spoiled. To think that I sit here writing this in a comfortable living room, watching a movie on a flat screen TV, knowing I can walk  into the kitchen and drink a Dr. Pepper and eat a yummy cookie when so many around me right now don’t even have electricity and the only thing they are wishing for is clean water. 

It’s quite humbling, don’t you think?

Praise be to God, who reminds us to live simply and thank Him for the smallest pleasures we enjoy. 

3 responses to “Cravings

  1. Heather

    Remind me to tell you about that one time I lived in Nepal….

  2. In 1985 our campaign group of just over a dozen going to Australia packed two cases of Dr Pepper in our luggage. Some bags only had a couple cans other (like me) packed 12 cans in a single bag. Out of the whole group I was the only one to remember we had them at Aussie customs. We all got a kick out of my description, “It’s a soda based on carbonated prune juice.” What was funnier was the looks on their faces when I described what a prune was like. Eyes roled and grins cracked on all sides of that table.

  3. I’m the exact same way with Dr Pepper!! Colette surprised me with one when she came back from the states. It was the best!!

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