Change in His Presence

I know I promised a blog about our trip to Panajachel, and it will come, but right now there are more important things to say.

There are times in your life where all you need is to feel the peace, comfort, and presence  of the Lord and the only way that can happen is the body of Christ praying over you as you weep.

This group, this team, this family that we’re here in Guatemala with…they are some serious Lord lovers if I’ve ever seen any.  You can see it in their words and actions, but mostly through their spirituality.

We just spent some quiet time time together as a family in the Lord, worshipping, praying, being still, and doing whatever the Spirit moved us to do. There was vulnerability, love, and connection. It was purely beautiful. All I could think about was ‘surely the presence of the Lord is in this place’ because he certainly was. He was moving all of us individually and together.

Ever since last night, I have not had James out of my thoughts. Yesterday marked 4 months since I last heard his precious heartbeat, so I have been in a state of grief. I’m here, but I am sad. So as we sat together in this place with the Lord, the tears flowed freely.

At one point, there were scriptures and passages read that increased the emotions of pain and thankfulness all in one. And then Candy and Lisi walked over simultaneously and put their hands on me…followed closely by several of the others. The music stopped, and Candy prayed over me. I truly felt the peace that passes understanding that only comes from the Lord, and what a special gift that is. Gabor then prayed over Tim and this father’s heart that  aches for his son and Canaan, their second oldest son prayed that in the midst of our grief and stress, we be twined together with strength and love for each other and that we are brought together and  not pulled apart…all of this in the name of Jesus…and it was necessary. It was moving. It was healing. It was God comforting us through these amazing people he has put in our lives.

We were in the presence of the Lord, and it changed us/is changing us day by day as he revealed His amazing love for us.

3 responses to “Change in His Presence

  1. Sunny

    Answers to prayers. ❤

  2. Heather Long

    That’s awesome! It also gives me great comfort!

  3. Those moments give me goosebumps. Even when they happen to other people hundreds of miles away. Blessed you are.

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