Airplanes, Acers, and Arrivals

Well, today was an incredibly tiring and long day! Tim and I didn’t end up going to bed last night because of several reasons…we were skyping with several people which lasted until about 10:30pm and then there were last minute things to pack and clean and we were just so excited that it didn’t seem like trying to sleep would be beneficial.

We left for the airport this morning at 3…When Tim brought Abigail out to the car she excitedly whispered “This is so exciting!” Sweet thing knew we were going to Guatemala today but she has no idea how very exciting it is that she is here with us. We got to the Little Rock airport right at 4 and smoothly checked bags, checked in, and went through security. We waited at our gate for no longer than an hour before we boarded our flight to Atlanta.

Abigail could not have been a better toddler flyer! I was so impressed. She was calm, cool, and collected for the entire flight and when she needed her ears popped she would just say “Daddy, my voice is not right!” She really enjoyed it very much and I am still floored at how well behaved she was…especially for getting up so incredibly early.


Everything departed and arrived on time and we got to Atlanta’s huge yet nicely organized and efficient airport with plenty of time to catch the tram to our concourse and gate…and just when we got to the E Concourse (we started at A), Timothy was paged over the loud speaker because he had left the laptop in the back of the seat on the plane! Yikes! So there was a little excitement there….he high tailed it back to concourse A, retrieved the laptop and got back to concourse E just in time for the final boarding call. I was pretty nervous we were going to miss the flight…but it actually ended up that we sat on the plane for a good hour while maintenance checked out the auxiliary power supply for the plane because it wasn’t working quite right…We were tired and quite warm, but eventually took off and had a smooth flight all the way to Guatemala City. 🙂

We are so very grateful to God for our safety all throughout the day. Blog coming soon about our first experiences in Guatemala. 🙂

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