Preparing for the Journey

Here we are, less than 36 hours from when our first plane departs! Tim spent the day packing up his and Abigail’s suitcases…they have been weighed and are ready to go! I am writing this instead of packing mine…oops. ๐Ÿ™‚ But hey – I pack the best when time is running out…which is just a fancy way of saying I’m an extreme procrastinator. ๐Ÿ™‚

Tim sat down with Abigail today and talked her through what it will be like going through the airport and a little of what it feels like when planes take off and land. Luckily Abigail has a Daddy who looooves planes, so I think he will make it really exciting for her and she’ll really learn a lot on the flights. She is very excited for this adventure and she has no idea how it’s going to change her. Even as a 3 year old, I believe your perspective and attitude can be changed. I’m excited (understatement) to watch her grow and learn through this journey.I think it one of those opportunities that really makes parenting worthwhile. You get to watch your child be taken out of what they know and try something new…guiding them all the way. What a blessing and treasure it will be.

I’m also looking forward to what it will do for our marriage. Tim has been to Mexico a couple of times, and you don’t have to know me for more than 10 minutes to know that I’ve got an Africa shaped heart. Needless to say, this is our first international experience as a married couple looking into our future and we are beside ourselves with humility for the opportunity and excitement for what’s to come. There is no one else I would rather have by my side.

Here’s our general itinerary getting to Guatemala. We leave our house at 3 in the morning Tuesday, the 4th, catch a plane going to Atlanta at 6:00. We arrive in Atlanta around 8:30. We have just over an hour to catch our connecting flight to Guatemala City which leaves at 9:45 and is set to arrive around 11:30am. From that point, the Siklosis (family that lives in Jalapa and who we are staying with ) will pick us up and take us to their home. We will send messages/post a status/write a blog update as soon as we are safe and sound and able to do so.

Please pray for safe travels, both in air and on road, alert pilots and drivers, and smooth sailing in between. Pray for our hearts to be open to change and our minds be open to learning what living outside of America is like.

One response to “Preparing for the Journey

  1. The first time we took our boys on a flight we went over all the procedures ad nauseum. We spent special time covering, “you never leave the one small bag you are responsible for.” The very first time they scanned the bag of one of our boys he left it and walked away. We were 100-150 feet away before we noticed but too late for the bag to escape the notice of one vigilant security officer. Our son ran to retrieve the bag and the lady officer was merciful as she saw the paniced look on the boy’s face. He never left a bag again…. I did, though… lol

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